Payment methods at the tollgate

Cash: There is a coin/note machine at the gate. It gives change from £2 coins and £5 and £10 notes ONLY. It does not accept 1p, 2p and 5p coins and £20 or £50 notes.

 The tollgate keeper is not permitted to accept cash or to give change unless there is a failure of the equipment, when the tollgate keeper will use a receipt.

Card: You can pay by contactless or chip and pin credit/debit cards, or by Apple Pay.

Pass: For those who use this stretch of road regularly, the most convenient way to pay is with a tollgate pass. As well as providing a discount on the toll, if your pass is displayed on your windscreen, the gate will open automatically when your vehicle drives up to it.

You can apply for a tollgate pass with a minimum of 100 journeys loaded on to the pass. There is no cost for the pass itself, and no time limit for using. You can top up at any time, similar to an Oyster card. 

Find out what passes are available for residents and non-residents 

How to apply for a pass