Applications for building works

From solar panels and loft extensions to satellite dishes and replacement windows, all building works on the Estate must be undertaken in line with the Scheme of Management, to protect the character of the area and the amenity of neighbours.

This means that you must obtain written approval from the Scheme of Management Office before carrying out any works which will affect the external appearance of the property.

The Guidelines for Residents are designed to help us to work with you to establish a suitable scale and type of development which will meet your goals, while protecting the character of the area and the amenity of neighbours.

Below you can find relevant pages from the Guidelines for Residents covering applications for the following works:

Local authority approvals

The approval required under the Scheme of Management is separate from, and in addition to, the requirements of the local authority planning permission (Southwark, Lambeth or Lewisham), building control and other regulations. In many cases, alterations, extensions, new structures and works to trees, will require permission from both the appropriate local authority and the Scheme of Management Office.

Please note that these approvals are not connected, so if consent is granted by one organisation, it does not necessarily follow that permission will be granted by the other. Certain changes may not need local authority approval but any change to the external appearance of a property does require the prior approval under the Scheme of Management.