How to buy your freehold

If you have owned the lease on your home for two years, you have the legal right to purchase the freehold.

What to do

  1. Instruct your solicitor to serve the Estate a notice under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.
  2. Our surveyors will then carry out a valuation of your flat or house and advise on the premium you will need to pay to buy the freehold.
  3. The premium will then be negotiated either directly with you or your surveyor.
  4. Once agreed, both sets of solicitors will arrange the contract.

The Dulwich Estate is not able to provide any guidance on the freehold value of your property. You will need to obtain professional advice on the valuation of your flat or house prior to serving the appropriate notice.

In addition to the premium you will also be responsible for the Estate’s costs in connection with the purchase. These are payable whether or not you complete the purchase. The standard costs are: 

Fees for freehold purchase
  • Surveyors fees

    £1175 + VAT

  • Solicitors fees

    Price up to £750,000 Fee 0.5% (subject to minimum of £2,250 + VAT) Price over £750,000 Fee on application

  • Administration fee