Breaches of the Scheme

As the Scheme is set up to protect the character of the neighbourhood, if any works are carried out on the Estate without approval, the Scheme of Management Office will take action. You may be required to:

  • apply retrospectively to the Scheme of Management Office. The fee for retrospective applications is double the standard fee scale.
  • modify the work done, to ensure it meets the Scheme of Management requirements.
  • remove the work altogether, if it cannot be modified suitably.

If you do not keep your property and/or gardens are in good order, the Scheme of Management Office can serve you with a Breach Notice, asking you to rectify the issue. If you do not do so, the Scheme can apply for a court order requiring you to remedy the breach. You may also be required to pay court costs as a result.  In some cases this may result in a statutory charge being placed on the property.

For more information on breaches and the action that can be taken, see clause 8 in the Scheme of Management document.