Advisory committee

The Scheme of Management document has reference to an advisory committee. This consists of eight people - four Scheme 'Managers', who are also Trustees of The Dulwich Estate and four representatives of residents or amenity societies. It meets three times a year.  

The role of the Advisory Committee is outlined in the following clause of the Scheme of Management document:

16. (a) The rights and powers conferred on the Managers by the Scheme are conferred on the Managers for the purpose of enabling them to preserve the amenities of the Estate for the common benefit.

(b) (i) The Managers shall form a consultative committee (to be known as "The Advisory Committee") of not less than 8 persons of whom half shall be representatives of the Managers and half shall be representatives of and nominated by such residents or amenity societies as the Managers consider appropriate the number of representatives of each such society being determined by the Managers (ii) the Managers shall convene meetings of The Advisory Committee not less than twice a year (iii) prompt notice of all applications made or notices served under clauses 3(a) 4 or 6(a) or (b) hereof shall be given by the Managers to every member of The Advisory Committee and the original.


6. (a) The Managers shall as soon as practicable after the audited account is available supply a draft of the Managers' Certificate to the Advisory Committee and the Managers shall have regard to any representations made to them by the members of the Advisory Committee as to the same within 14 days of the draft being supplied to them.