Woodhall Drive, 31


- Replacement single-storey front entrance porch;

- Rear two-storey extension;

- Two sun tunnels to new rear roof;

- Replacement windows to front, side and rear


Approved by the Committee as follows;

1.                   Window details are required for the new rear first floor windows and inset panels;


2.                   Brickwork and cladding materials are to match the existing.  Samples are to be submitted and approved by the Consultant Architect prior to commencement of the works;


3.                   New windows are to have similar frames and details to the existing with white frames.  Typical 1:10 details of new windows are required for the approval by the Consultant Architect prior to commencement of the works;


4.                   The original tile cladding to the east side elevation is to be retained;


5.                   An evergreen screen with mature 15cm stems at 3.5m â€‘ 4m height is to be planted to the boundary with no.33.  A 1:50 landscape plan is to be submitted for approval by the Tree Consultant prior to commencement of the works;



6.                   The timber cladding to the front porch is to be vertical to match neighbouring properties.


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