Alleyn Road, 44


- Revised application to demolish and replace existing single storey garage to side;

- Single storey rear extension (to sit above basement extension);

- Front and rear light wells (associated with basement works);

- Reinstate chimneys, ridge tiles and front gable barge boards;

- New ground floor window to north elevation;

- Hard landscaping to rear garden (associated with basement extension)


Freehold licence issued, with following conditions:-

  1. The glazing to the side door of the rear extension is to be obscured, to protect the amenity of the neighbours.
  2. The details of all structures built close to the boundary with no. 42 Alleyn Road must be agreed with the neighbours at no. 42 under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.
  3. Details of the trellis to the boundary with no. 42 Alleyn Road can be adjusted with the agreement of the neighbours upon completion of the works. (NB: changes to the permitted design in this licence should be submitted for the approval of the Consultant Architect prior to commencement of the works.)
  4. The garage door material has been confirmed as Cedar wood by Garador.
  5. All nearby trees are to be protected during the construction works as detailed on the Tree Protection Plan and Arboricultural Report.


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