Residential freehold

What you need to know if you are a freehold resident

The Scheme of Management is designed to maintain the special character of the area for which Dulwich is renowned, and often the properties themselves.  It was approved by the High Court in January 1974 and has been hugely instrumental in making Dulwich the much-loved neighbourhood it is today.

All freehold property on the Estate is bound by the Scheme of Management and all property, freehold and leasehold, must be managed and maintained in line with this.

This means that as a freehold owner, there are some restrictions on the alterations you can make to your home and that you keep your property and gardens in good order.

In particular, you are required to get prior approval from the Scheme of Management Office before:

  • altering the external appearance of your property
  • making significant changes to your garden, including putting up a shed or garden building
  • felling or pruning trees

To provide a summary of the requirements, we have developed a helpful set of Guidelines for Residents – which are a good starting point for any work you are planning.

For more information about the Scheme, or to discuss any plans you have for alterations, please contact the Scheme of Management Office.

The Scheme is self-funding and is covered by a small annual scheme charge, payable by all freehold households on the Estate. The Scheme is cost neutral and beneficiaries of the Estate do not receive any funds from it.