Pymers Mead, 28


Species and Location of Tree

A Cypress tree approximately 16m in height, situated 1.5m from the front of the property.  The tree looks to be unstable due to exposed roots which were enclosed by retaining blocks.

Description of Approved Works

The blocks around the root system above ground level are either re-built, or the tree removed and the area cleared to ground level.

Details of Replacement Required

As a condition of the removal of the above, a replacement tree is to be planted in the front garden and below are the three alternative species for consideration:

Amelanchier lamarckii                    (Snowy Mespilus)

Crataegus ‘Paul’s Scarlet’              (Crimson May tree)

Rhus typhina                                      (Sumach)



The tree should be planted with a stem girth of between 14-16cm at 1m above ground level and at a minimum height of 3m.




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