Lings Coppice, 41


Species and Location of Trees

T1.          A Box tree approximately 2m in height, situated in the small front garden.  The tree is dead.

T2.          Two Bay trees approximately 6m in height, situated close to a boundary wall on the left-side of the property.  The trees are sited far too close to the wall.

T3.          A Fig tree approximately 6m in height, situated against a boundary wall on the left-hand side boundary on the left side of the rear garden opposite (T2).  The tree is a little too large.

Description of Approved Works

T1.          Remove and the stump ground out.

T2.          Remove and the roots grubbed out.

T3.          Crown thin by 25% including the removal of dead wood and necessary re-shaping.  The basic shape should be retained.  It is important to prune branches at convenient growth points, rather than an all-round reduction or pollarding which is not permitted.

Details of Replacement Required

T1.          As a condition of the removal of the above, a replacement tree is to be planted in the front garden and below are the three alternative species for consideration:

Parrotia persica                 (Witch Hazel family)

Arbutus unedo                  (Strawberry tree)

Magnolia stellata              (Japanese Magnolia)

T2.          None.  Replacement trees are not necessary.




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