East Dulwich Grove, 215


Species and Location of Trees

T1.          A Eucalyptus tree approximately 17.5m in height, situated on the right-side boundary of the rear garden.  The tree is a little dense.

T2.          A Pine tree approximately 9m in height, situated close to the bottom left-hand corner of the rear garden.

T3.          A Malus tree approximately 6m in height, situated in the front garden.

Description of Approved Works

T1.          Re-pollard at previous pruning points, including the removal of dead wood.

T2.          All dead wood to be removed and snag end branches trimmed back to the trunk.

T3.          Lightly thin and reduce by 20% including the removal of any dead wood and necessary re-shaping.  It is important to prune branches at convenient growth points where possible.




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