Dovercourt Road, 41


Species and Location of Trees

T1.          A Weeping Willow tree approximately 16m in height, situated close to the bottom boundary of the garden.  The tree is a little tall and dense.

T2.          A Cherry tree approximately 7.5m in height, situated on the left-hand side boundary towards the bottom of the rear garden.  The tree is dead and leans at an acute angle across the whole width of the garden.

T3.          A multi-stemmed Bay Shrub and various Laurel bushes.  Two small Elder Saplings.

T4.          A Magnolia tree approximately 6m in height, situated in the centre of the front garden.  The tree is a little dense and wide spreading.

Description of Approved Works

T1.          Crown thin by 30% including the removal of dead wood, lifting of low branches and the necessary shaping of the tree.  The height may be reduced by up to 30% by removing the vertical growth in the upper crown whilst retaining the natural weeping shape.  It is important to prune branches at convenient growth points where possible.

T2.          Remove and the roots grubbed out where possible.

T3.          Reduce as necessary and the Elder Saplings may be removed.

T4.          Lightly thin by 15% including the removal of dead wood and necessary trimming back from the property.  The height and basic shape should be retained.

Details of Replacement Required

None.  The garden is well stocked.



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