Alleyn Road, 44


Species and Location of Trees

T1.          A Japanese Cedar tree (Cryptomeria japonica) approximately 10m in height, situated close to the house and a mature Silver Birch tree on the right-hand side boundary.  The tree is sited too close to the Silver Birch tree.

T2.          A Scots Pine tree approximately 10m I height, situated on the left-hand side boundary towards the bottom of the rear garden.  The tee is poorly shaped.

Description of Approved Works

T1.          Remove and the roots grubbed out.

T2.          Remove and the roots grubbed out.

Details of Replacement Required

T2.          As a condition of the removal of the above, a replacement tree is to be planted in a convenient location of the rear garden and below is the agreed specie.

Paulownia tomentosa    (Foxglove tree)

The tree should be planted with a stem girth of between 22-24cm at 1m above ground level and at a minimum height of 5m.



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