Alleyn’s School

Alleyn’s School has a long tradition of attracting pupils from a wide variety of schools and backgrounds. It offers a range of bursaries to allow boys and girls to attend the school, irrespective of financial means. In 2017/18, Alleyn’s provided 89 bursaries, the majority of which were fully-funded places. The Dulwich Estate funded, fully or partially, 74 of those, and provided additional financial assistance for items such as uniform, school meals and trips.

The school hopes to increase the number of fee-assisted places available at Alleyn’s to 100 in 2018-19.

Alleyn’s School student

Alleyn’s School student

In addition, capital distribution from the Estate in 2017 supported Alleyn’s to build a new educational space for year 7 and 8 pupils, which also serves as a new facility for the wider community.

For further details on the Alleyn’s bursary scheme contact the registrar, Louise Mawer, on 020 8557 1478.