Our charitable objectives

The Dulwich Estate is a charity, and the income we generate from the management of land and property on the Estate is used to fund some specific objectives, set by our founder Edward Alleyn.

We support students in seven schools, through means-tested bursaries and via a range of educational support packages. We are the major donor to the Dulwich Almshouse Charity which provides accommodation for older low-income residents. We also ensure the upkeep of Christ’s Chapel of God’s Gift, as a historic building, a community asset and active place of worship

Widening educational opportunity

The schools we support as named beneficiaries of the Estate are all committed to delivering outstanding education and widening opportunity. They are:

At Alleyn’s, Dulwich College and JAGS, all of the income we provide is used to fund means-tested bursaries and associated student support. In 2017/2018, bursaries went to 336 students, the vast majority of which were worth 75-100% of the total fees. Without the bursaries, these students would not have been able to benefit from the outstanding educational opportunities the schools provide.

The funding we provide to St Saviour's and St Olave’s Schools Foundation and the Central Foundation Schools is used to support individual students from low-income families and organisations which provide services to young people in need. It is typically used to help buy items such as books, and desks for use at home, or help pay for travel to school or meals.

The Central Foundation Schools of London Girls’ and Boys’ schools in Bow and Shoreditch are outstanding schools with an emphasis on inclusivity and pastoral development. The funding we provide contributes to extended school hours support, mentoring for access to leading universities, school trips, music and sport.

Capital projects

We can also provide capital funding to support major projects at our beneficiary schools. In 2016/17, we distributed £10 million to projects which will benefit students and the wider community.