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  • The Dulwich Estate is committed to providing the best service possible during this difficult time. We are moving from relying on postal services, to ensuring you receive timely information relating to your property and the Estate, by email wherever possible. We need your help. Please fill out this form so that we can update our records with your email address.

  • Welcome to Dulwich, one of South London’s most distinctive neighbourhoods, and the independent charity – The Dulwich Estate – that helps keep it that way.

    What we do
  • We enable educational opportunities and support students at seven outstanding schools. We provide sheltered homes for the elderly in Dulwich, and a place of worship in the local community. We also believe in creating an outstanding living and working environment which can be enjoyed by all.

    Who we support
  • Our founder was Elizabethan actor and entrepreneur Edward Alleyn, who bought the Manor of Dulwich in 1605 and whose vision and commitment shapes the charity’s objectives today.