Volunteer power!

23 June 2023

Thank you to all the volunteers who have given their time in the last 12 months to help with conservation work in Dulwich Woods.

London Wildlife Trust volunteers ran monthly sessions attended by nearly 100 volunteers contributing 448 volunteer hours. The work they completed has been invaluable to maintenance of the woodland. It has included:

  • Cutting back the path-side vegetation on the main path from Low Cross Wood Lane
  • Cutting back laurels along the northern boundary on the eastern side
  • Cutting back holly along the Peckarmans Wood path and along the north east/west path
  • Rebuilding and extending of the dead hedge towards Dulwich Wood borders
  • Clearing laurel from Woodhall Drive perimeter, and removing laurel arising from the den-building area
  • Dead hedging adjacent to Peckarmans Wood
  • Planting 200 small saplings in Sydenham Hill Wood/Dulwich Wood borders
  • Edging the path in crossways and near 5-ways to protect ancient woodland plants from trampling