RIBA award-winner on The Dulwich Estate

20 June 2024

Congratulations to local resident and architect Will Burges of 31/44 Architects. His family home on The Dulwich Estate has been awarded RIBA’s London Small Project of the Year Award.

Will designed and completed the house in 2021. He was keen to keep the style in step with others nearby, and also give something back to the street in terms of an attractive facade.



“We wanted the house to settle quietly into the street – it follows the pattern and general form of its neighbours as they step up the hill. As you get closer you see its personality is revealed."

“A combination of two types of brick, special brick bonding and a dark marble panel offer texture and interest to the street. Internally it is partly open plan (we previously lived in a 1960s house on the Estate) and partly more enclosed – opening up to the garden or closing down in the winter months.”

The Dulwich Estate operates a Scheme of Management which ensures sympathetic development in the area, and is responsible to maintaining Dulwich as the attractive area it is today.


Scheme of Management administrator Nina Rickman said: “We are delighted for Will and were pleased to be able to support the development of this beautiful new home. Part of our work at the Scheme is to ensure the overall character of the area is preserved, and to work with talented architects like Will to ensure any new developments have a positive impact on the area. Will’s home is a great example of how Dulwich can evolve while retaining its stunning architectural heritage.”