Peckham Bazaar expands to West Dulwich

12 September 2018

Owners of popular Eastern Mediterranean restaurant Peckham Bazaar will open a new restaurant at 7 Croxted Road in West Dulwich. Having won culinary plaudits for its daily menu, fresh produce and wine selection, chef John Gionlenka says: “We will endeavour to remain faithful to our ethos of seasonality and freshness exploring lesser known regions of the Eastern Mediterranean and the near East. Our influences are from across the Balkans, blending age-old recipes and flavours with a delicate sophistication. Every dish carries a story and a history, which combine to create a complex and magical patchwork of flavour. After over four years of serving the local community in Peckham with food from the Balkans we are equally excited and humbled to embark upon this new chapter.”


Photos: Celia Topping

Peckham Bazaar table and chair