Repair and maintenance consultation


The Estate works with residents on major building works and maintenance

How we consult with residents on major building works and long-term contracts

To maintain all property and communal areas to a high standard, we carry out a cyclical programme of maintenance, repair and redecoration, covering the internal and external areas for which we – as freeholder – have a responsibility. Leaseholders and some freeholders are required to pay a contribution to these works.

If the cost of these works is expected to exceed £250 for each leaseholder – for example, to replace windows or lifts, or resurface roads – we will consult with all relevant leaseholders before commencing the work. Where appropriate, we will also consult any relevant freeholders.

We will also consult residents and owners before tendering any gardening and cleaning contracts for communal areas that will last for more than 12 months and exceed £100 for each leaseholder.

Major building works consultation

Step 1: Informal notification of works
Step 2: Notice of intention (formal consultation)
Step 3: Itemised specification of works
Step 4: Statement of estimates
Step 5: Notice of contract
Step 6: Meeting the contractor

Long-term maintenance contracts consultation

To ensure that the maintenance of the communal areas and gardens are carried out to an appropriate standard, we often seek to procure long-term maintenance agreements with cleaning and gardening contractors.

If the contract is for more than 12 months and the cost to each leaseholder is expected to be more than £100, we will consult with relevant leaseholders, freeholders and the residents’ association, following the same process as set out above for major building works.