Residents’ associations

Across The Dulwich Estate's area there are a number of residents’ associations, representing different leasehold and freehold properties. They are a crucial part of the way we engage with residents.

We are committed to maintaining our freehold properties and amenity areas to a good standard for the benefit of owners and residents in the long term.  We welcome the involvement of recognised residents’ associations acting on behalf and in the common interests of owners.

Here you can find out more about the role of residents’ associations, and how you can get involved.

What does a residents’ association do?

A residents’ association represents the views of its members – typically leaseholders of a related group of homes or properties, such as an apartment block – to the freeholder, through a committee of elected officers. In Dulwich, the freeholder is normally The Dulwich Estate.

Each residents’ association:

  • represents its members in communications with the Estate
  • establishes a direct relationship with the Estate to facilitate good management
  • fosters a sense of community amongst owners
  • keeps residents informed of what is happening in the neighbourhood
  • ensures, through consultation with the Estate, an appropriate standard of decoration and maintenance of the property/properties
  • assists in resolving any disputes between individual residents
  • meets with the Estate at least annually for a walk-around inspection of the property and external areas
  • arranges meetings with the Estate to discuss any specific issues of concern to owners, and
  • submits residents’ comments to the Estate on specific projects, such as the appointment of contractors and garden maintenance.

Download the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) guide to forming a residents’ association.

Each residents’ association nominates a person (usually its secretary or chairman) to act as the main point of contact with the Estate. This responsibility can be delegated to a different nominee in relation to a specific project or issue with the Estate.