Sustainability Plan

The Dulwich Estate has always prioritised the environment. We look after one of the greenest areas in London and are committed to continually reviewing how we work, to secure a greener future.

One of our key roles in the stewardship of the area is to protect the natural as well as the built environment. We do this in a variety of ways – by ensuring maintenance and care of ancient trees that characterise the area; by maintaining the ancient Dulwich Woods; by ensuring considerate development through the Scheme of Management; and through ad hoc programmes like the creation of a new Orchard, and rewilding and tree-planting schemes.

Our sustainability programme sets out priority work across four areas. They are:

  • The Old College Complex which includes Estate offices, the Chapel, The Almshouse, and The Old Grammar School
  • Estate Holdings comprising Estate-owned property leased to residential and commercial customers
  • Scheme of Management areas of freehold
  • The natural environment comprising the common amenity, Dulwich Woods and Dulwich Mill Pond


Sustainability Plan 2023

Sustainability Plan 2022