The Dulwich Estate

Change of Ownership

Where a property located on the Dulwich Estate, subject to the Scheme of Management, changes hands, there is a requirement to notify the Managers within two months (clause 12. Scheme Document). Registration (which is usually dealt with by the purchaser's solicitor) should be effected by contacting the Managers' solicitors:

Thackray Williams LLP Tel: 020 8290 0440
Kings House Fax: 020 8464 5282
32-40 Widmore Road  
Bromley DX 119600 Bromley 8
Kent BR1 1RY


The notification of change should be evidenced by the appropriate documentation (a copy of the Transfer or the Title Information Document issued by The Land Registry) and accompanied by a payment of £80.00 made payable to Thackray Williams LLP

Please note that The Dulwich Estate will not apportion charges relating to a property on change of ownership: this is a matter to be dealt with by the vendor and purchaser.