Tollgate passes (Tags)

The Tollgate, College Road, Dulwich, London, SE21

Regular users of the Tollgate are encouraged to use tags and as an incentive, the following concessionary discounts are offered with effect from January 2017:


( A ) Standard: 15% - 102p per unit;
(download Band A application form)

( B ) Those living within the boundaries of the Dulwich Estate as a freeholder of property subject to the Scheme of Management, a leaseholder or tenant of freehold property owned by The Dulwich Estate: 25% - 90p per unit. A maximum of two tags per property;
(download Band B application form)

( C ) properties: College Rd 122-138 even, 143 & 143a; Fountain Drive 1,5,6,7,8,11, "Greenbank", "Hillside"; Grange Lane; Hitherwood Drive; Hitherwood Court; Hogarth Court; Pond Cottages; Stonehills Court and (for additional tags) those properties subject to road charges. 50% - 60p per unit. A maximum of two tags per property;
(download Band C application form)

( E ) properties liable to contribute to road charges. No charge - a maximum of two tags per property;
(download Band E application form)

Woodhall Avenue and Woodhall Drive. £180 p.a. - a maximum of two tags per property. (download application form)

Apart from Band A, the tags can generally only be issued to the individual registered as the property holder. However, if your property is occupied by tenants or others and you wish the tags to be issued to them, please indicate this on the application form. The Estate should be notified of any change of tag holder in writing. Please note that as the registered holder of the property, you remain liable for the cost of any lost or damaged tags.

Application forms for tags can also be obtained on request by telephone/letter or email:

Please complete and return an application form for each tag required, together with your remittance, either in person, at the Estate Office, or by post.

If the tag is lost or stolen, report this immediately to the Estate Office. There is a £8 charge for a replacement tag regardless of the circumstances. The lost or stolen tag can be deactivated and the number of units remaining can then be transferred to the replacement tag.



Make a note of the last four digits shown on the tag and retain this for future reference when contacting the Estate Office.

Affix the tag to your vehicle ONLY if you intend to use the tag with one vehicle - see below.

Check the display unit (adjacent to the coin machine) when using the Tollgate to ensure you have sufficient funds for future journeys; the display unit will show the balance remaining on the tag. See below for details of how to add funds to a tag.

Transfer the tag to any other vehicle you are using in order to avoid having to pay in cash to pass through the Tollgate. NOTE: if you intend to use the tag for more than one vehicle, DO NOT AFFIX IT to the windscreen – see below.

For holders of Band E tags, on sale of the property, please pass the tags to the new owner.


Remove the tag once affixed to the windscreen – this will result in it ceasing to function.


To PERMANENTLY AFFIX a Tag to a windscreen:

The windscreens on some vehicles contain elements imbedded in certain areas of the glass which may prevent the Tollgate equipment from reading a tag. The tag should be placed in an 'RF free zone' - usually the speckled black area visible on some windscreens. Note that the tag will NOT work when placed in a metalized area of the windshield. It is therefore recommended that you do not permanently fix the tag to your vehicle's windscreen until after you have successfully passed through the Tollgate with the tag held in the position proposed attached temporarily (e.g. using adhesive tape) in a suitable area on the inside of the windshield. On particularly tall vehicles (e.g. off-road vehicles) the tag should be placed further down.

Tollgate Tag - Windscreen Position

Having determined an appropriate position and tested this by passing through the Tollgate, you may permanently affix the Tag by removing the protective plastic layer and pressing it in place.

that subsequent removal will result in it ceasing to function and you will need to buy a replacement tag.


MINIMUM £50 (please allow up to two working days):

Stating your name, address and the last four digits of the tag concerned:

By telephone, using a debit or credit card, on: 020 8299 1000.

By mail sending a cheque made payable to The Dulwich Estate. In person at the Estate Office, paying in cash, by debit card or by cheque.


Download document in PDF format Toll Application - Band A - 2017 (PDF 161kb)

Download document in PDF format Toll Application - Band B - 2017 (PDF 227kb)

Download document in PDF format Toll Application - Band C - 2017 (PDF 229kb)

Download document in PDF format Toll Application - Band E - 2013 (PDF 61kb)

Download document in PDF format Toll Application - Woodhall - 2017 (PDF 62kb)