The Dulwich Estate

Amenity Areas

The Managers maintain the following Amenity Areas (which are as defined in The Appendix forming part of the Scheme Document) and the costs of this are included in thd calculation of the annual Scheme Charge under the heading of "Amenity Expenditure".

Registered at H.M. Land Registry on 6 March 1977 under Title No. TGL129965

  1. Burbage Road (junction with Gallery Road): Old Grammar School Field, excluding the curtilage of the Old Grammar School building
  2. Burbage Road (junction with Turney Road): Burbage Lane & Circus
  3. Calton Avenue: Stocks Site
  4. College Road (between Dulwich Common and Kingswood Drive): Carriageway, Footpaths, Verges and Manor Waste
  5. College Road (junction with Pond Cottages): Bowyers Yard
  6. College Road, north of Dulwich Common: Manor Waste & Footpaths
  7. College Road, north side ( junction with Dulwich Common): Corner Site
  8. College Road, south side (junction with Dulwich Common): Millpond
  9. Court Lane Gardens: Roadway, Footpaths and Shrubbery
  10. Crystal Palace Parade (junction with College Road): Triangle
  11. Dekker Road (junctions with Woodwarde Road and Court Lane) and Woodwarde Road (junction with Calton Avenue): Corner Sites
  12. Dulwich Village (junction with Court Lane): The Old Burial Ground
  13. Dulwich Village: Manor Waste
  14. Dulwich Wood Avenue: Triangle (south of Bell Meadow)
  15. Dulwich Woods (including Low Cross Wood Lane and Rock Hill)
  16. Dulwich Wood Park (junction with College Road): Triangle
  17. Fountain Drive (junction with College Road): Triangle
  18. Frank Dixon Way and Close: Footpath,Verges and islands
  19. Gallery Road: Grove Meadow, Grove Walk & Ditch
  20. Gallery Road (junction with College Road): Old College Forecourt and Gardens
  21. Grange Lane: Carriageway, Footpaths, Verges
  22. Grange Lane: Refuse disposal area
  23. Hunts Slip Road: Roadway, Verges, Footpaths and Triangle (junction with Alleyn Park)
  24. Lovelace Road: Roadway, Footpaths and Shrubbery
  25. Park Hall Road (junctions with Alleyn Road and Ildersly Grove): Triangles
  26. Pond Cottages: Roadway and Footpaths
  27. Village Way: Banks (excluding frontages Pond Mead and Grafton Hall)
  28. Woodyard Lane: Carriageway and Footpaths

Note: roads shall only be included to the extent that they are private roads.

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