The Dulwich Estate

Road Charges

Certain freeholders and lessees living off College Road and Hunts Slip Road are liable to contribute towards the costs of upkeep of these private roads. The costs include:

  • Sweeping and gulley cleaning
  • Path and weed control
  • Pothole repairs
  • Gritting
  • Drainage repairs
  • Curb repairs
  • Resurfacing

Approximately 40% of the costs of the upkeep of these roads is recovered from the lessees/freeholders with the remainder borne by The Dulwich Estate.

Road Charges are billed annually, usually in June, accompanied by a circular giving details of costs. Click here to download this circular.

Lessees/freeholders who pay these charges are entitled to two free Tollgate tags per property - see Tollgate.


Download document in PDF format Road Charges Circular 2015 (PDF 93kb)