The Dulwich Estate

Other private roads

Other private roads in the ownership of The Dulwich Estate include:

1–14 Alleyn Crescent, London SE21
48–58 Alleyn Park, London SE21
Allison Grove, London SE21
Baird Gardens, London SE19
Bell Meadow, Dulwich Wood Avenue, London SE19
Breakspeare, College Road, London SE21
Burbage Lane (off Burbage Road), London SE21
Cobb & Royston Courts, Burbage Road, London SE24
College Gardens, College Road, London SE21
College Road Estate, London SE21:

Gainsborough Court
1–18 Constable Walk
58–86 College Road
Tollgate Drive

Cotman Court, Farquhar Road, London SE19
Court Lane Gardens, London SE21
Courtmead Close, Burbage Road, London SE24
Crouchmans Close, London SE26
38-54 Croxted Road, London SE21 - garage forecourt
Donne Court, Burbage Road, London SE21
Farquhar Road Estate, London SE19:

Glenhurst Court
Knoll Court
Lowood Court

Frank Dixon Way/Close, College Road, London SE21
Frobisher Court (off Little Brownings), London SE23
Garvens, Dulwich Wood Avenue, London SE19
Giles Coppice, London SE19
Great Brownings, College Road, London SE21
Great Spilmans, East Dulwich Grove, London SE22
175-199 Half Moon Lane, London SE24
Hogarth Court, Fountain Drive, London SE19
Hunters Meadow, Dulwich Wood Avenue, London SE19
Lings Coppice, London SE21
Little Bornes, London SE21
1-36 Little Brownings, London SE23
Loggetts, Alleyn Park, London SE21
25-35 Lovelace Road, London SE21
Morkyn’s Walk, Alleyn Park, London SE21
Oakfield Gardens, Dulwich Wood Avenue, London SE19
Peckarmans Wood & 7–65 Crescent Wood Road, London SE26
Pond Cottages, College Road, London SE21
Pond Mead, Village Way, London SE21
1-9 Red Post Hill, London SE21
Rock Hill, London, SE26
Rockwell Gardens, Dulwich Wood Park, London SE19
Rycotes Mead, off Dulwich Common, London SE21
Stonehills Court, College Road London SE21
1–13 Sydcote, Rosendale Road, London, SE21
25–37 Sydenham Hill, London SE26
21–49 Sydenham Rise, London SE23
51-59 Sydenham Rise, London SE23
1-13 Tarleton Gardens, London SE23
129-139 Thurlow Park Road, London SE21
87-95a Thurlow Park Road, London, SE21
50-58 Townley Road, London SE21
Tylney Avenue Estate, London SE19:

Drake Court
Grenville Court
Marlowe Court
Raleigh Court
Lymer Avenue
Tylney Avenue
50-90 Farquhar Road

Whytefield Estate, London SE21:

Cokers Lane
Coney Acre
Pymers Mead
Rosendale Road
Walkerscroft Mead

Wickers Oake, Dulwich Wood Park, London SE19
Woodhall Drive/Avenue, College Road, London SE21
Woodsyre, London SE26
Woodyard Lane, College Road, London SE21