The Dulwich Estate


Following the Leasehold Reform Act 1967, most of The Dulwich Estate's former lessees have taken the opportunity to enfranchise: acquire the freeholds of their properties. On transfer of the freeholds, these properties became subject to the Scheme of Management.

Service Charges

Many of the former leases required the lessee to pay a service charge to cover the costs of carrying out repairs and maintenance, and other works to common areas. For such properties which are now held freehold, the liability to a service charge continues under the terms of the enfranchisement.

The payment of these charges is in addition to the charges that become payable under the Scheme of Management.

Solicitors’ enquiries

The Dulwich Estate’s standard charge, with effect from January 2013, for responding to solicitors’ enquiries on purchase of a freehold is £90 where the property is liable for service charges and £65 where there is no service charge.